So why 288? 

288 was the connection between our co-founders, Dave McKeand and Brian Edmonds.  We had both recently moved from the DC-suburbs, and Route 288 (the western loop around Richmond, VA) served as our starting point.  

“Where should we meet today to brainstorm the next big idea?   Somewhere off of 288.”  The name stuck, and we liked it.  A quick Google search, and ‘288 Sports’ offered little competition.

For the record, 288 is also four rounds of even par golf – a score of 72.  If I ever accomplish the feat, then maybe the genesis of the 288 will change too.


Who we are (figuratively)?

At first, we were generally a ‘sports marketing company’.  Dave and I had deep corporate histories with media, sports, and entertainment companies, and we aimed to be a ‘mini-this’ or ‘mini-that’.  This was a good starting place, and yet, we quickly learned that being a ‘small Octagon’ or ‘new-breed AOL’ made us only look small, unrefined, and worse, unoriginal.   

We evolved into a ‘Resource Agency’.  We hadn’t shifted focus, nor had our abilities or interests changed, yet we aimed to broaden our prospective partner base.  Some folks shy away from ‘sports marketing’, but we know that nearly all companies need help with acquiring the necessary resources to execute strong and efficient marketing campaigns.  So, we redefined 288 as a ‘Resource Agency’. 


We had some fancy wordsmithing too…

The new economy isn’t about bigger.  Rather, immense value is created from smarter tactics, decisive and thoughtful strategy, and a more efficient use of existing and untapped resources.

In short, we help our partners maximize potential through thoughtful resource procurement and management making the impossible possible – one well-crafted project at a time.

We’re a Resource Agency.


We still firmly believe everything we were and said we were.  In fact, it’s more accurate now than ever before.  However, the ever-present challenge of being a ‘Resource Agency’ was concocting a 30-second elevator pitch. 

We quickly appreciated that the advantages of a hiring a ‘Resource Agency’ requires more than a few short minutes of meet and greet at your nearby networking lunch.



We’re a different breed of marketing agency.  We don’t focus on creative development, logo design, nor broad brand strategy offered in bulk by traditional ad agencies.    

However, we do accept challenges.  We like to create events, sponsorships, experiential programs.  We’re inclusive.  We execute well because we’re not afraid of the dirty work.  Yes, we enjoy the board room strategy sessions, but also the organization and management of the strategic execution.  We take risks.  We’re honest about what we do well, and what we don’t.   And if we don’t do it well, we find strategic partners to help us.   We strive for three things:  Smart. Efficient. Successful.  And we want to share those things with our partners. 

Our focus is on three complementary areas of business.  Experiential Marketing; Revenue Development; and Sponsorship Management.  See the ‘WORK’ tab above for more details.


If you’re still reading, then I invite you to hit the ‘CONTACT’ Tab above.  From there, you can see who are (literally), and touch base. 

We appreciate you learning ‘ABOUT’ 288.  Check back often, because if only one thing is certain, 288 will continue to change and evolve.


- Brian Edmonds